La Mesa Slip and Fall Accident Attorneys

Sometimes, accidents cannot be avoided. Other times, they can. A slip and fall accident can cause bodily harm to a person if the conditions of a property are not maintained and cared for properly. In many cases, the accident could have been avoided if the owner had taken better care of his or her property.

In California, these kinds of personal injuries fall under "premise liability", meaning that the slip and fall accident occurred on property due to negligence or another cause. If you have had a slip and fall accident in La Mesa, consider hiring an experienced lawyer from the Liljegren Law Group.

Causes Of Slip and Fall Accidents

Having years of experience with premise liability law, the Liljegren Law Group’s slip and fall accident lawyers in La Mesa know that personal injuries that are categorized in this fashion are typically caused by:

  • Improper cleaning or maintenance of the property (i.e. slippery floor)
  • Improper warning signs of cleaning or maintenance (i.e. warning signs)
  • Insufficient settings and conditions of a property (i.e. poor lighting)
  • Weather conditions not properly managed by owner (i.e. icy walkways)

Proof Of Fault With Slip and Fall Accidents

From our years of practicing law, the La Mesa slip and fall accident lawyers at our firm know that it can be very difficult to prove who is at fault when it comes to premise liability. What caused the slip and fall? Could it have been avoid? If so, whose responsibility is it?

Just because a person owns property in La Mesa or anywhere else in the state of California does not mean that they can be held accountable if a personal injury occurs on said property. Our slip and fall accident attorneys in La Mesa will conduct a thorough investigation of your claim, determining just how the personal injury was sustained and who is to be held at fault for the incident.

Let the experienced La Mesa slip and fall attorneys at the Liljegren Law Group help you navigate through the complicated matters of premise liability law. We take care of your legal concerns so that you can take care of your health and happiness.

For a free consultation with a slip and fall lawyer in La Mesa, call (619) 460-2245 or e-mail the Liljegren Law Group. You may be able to file a claim or be entitled to compensation for your personal injuries in a slip and fall accident, but the first step is having the right lawyer on your side.